6 Best Pitcher Plant Pots (To Brighten Up Your Living Space)

Carnivorous plants of Sarracenia leucophylla

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There are various designs of pitcher plant pots, and your plant deserves the best one for a good establishment.

The best part is that most pots are affordable. You need a safe pot with proper drainage for these young plants to grow well.

White pots are the best for outdoor placement since they offer better insulation. Glazed ceramic, wood, resin, and plastic are some of the best materials that don’t leach minerals.

Ensure you have the right ingredients when potting your plants, since applying the wrong ingredients will destroy them. 

Here are some of the best pitcher plant pots to consider for a good plant establishment. Let’s get started.

Best Pitcher Plant Pot: Our Top 6 Choices

1. Best Lightweight: Plastic Planter Homenote Pot

I love these super thick plastic pots from Homenote made with 3 to 4 mm that will suit young and grown pitcher plants. 

It’s made using strong, lightweight polypropene that is odorless and will never deform, plus the clean appearance looks like ceramics.

The white and matte interior brings out a simple modern design, making the pot ideal for indoor plants of different colors plus, you can also use it for office plants as décor.

The pots have multiple drainage holes at the bottom that let out excess water easily for a prolonged life for your plant, while the saucers hold the excess water.

2. Best Self-Watering: 8″ Self-Watering Round Plant Pot

If you need a self-watering pitcher plant pot, this one integrates the self-watering feature in the planter’s body.

Its hollow legs reach down the reservoir and allow the soil to draw moisture naturally when you lift the plant above the water, minimizing overwatering.

The planter’s body has additional large slats at the bottom that maintain air circulation through the soil minimizing cases of root rot that is common in self-watering planter pots.

The clip-on watering attachment packed in the saucer makes it effortless for you to water more delicate plants. 

3. Best Ceramic: D’vine Dev Ceramic Planter Pot

The planter is simple and elegant and will work perfectly for your pitcher plant. The modern cylindrical and round planter has a saucer that holds excess water.

It’s six inches, and the white color helps in insulation, and you only need 0.5 gallons of soil. The uniqueness of this brand comes with uncompromised quality.

The pot uses 100% premium ceramic with high-temperature firing to produce a durable product.

The felt pad helps protect the tabletop wood surface from scratches, and it’s glazed on the outside to give a good finish.

4. Best for Indoors: Set of Six Plastic Planters

This set will help you add multiple plants to your house from the kitchen, bedroom, living room working space, or windowsill.

The planters come in six different sizes, allowing you to plant small to medium-sized plants to brighten up your living space. 

The sturdy polypropylene used in making these planters is sturdy and withstands wear and tear.

It adopts a modern speckled design with a matte finish on the exterior. It has good ventilation and drainage that facilitate the plant’s growth and breathability. 

5. Best for Outdoors: Plant Pot Set of Two Planters

These pots will serve you for indoor and outdoor use. The modern and aesthetic matte finish matches well with most house décor.

The planter can bear extreme temperatures when kept outdoors; breathability and better water absorption help the pitcher plant grow healthy.

It’s easy to handle these lightweight pots when moving them to another position. It has dual drainage holes that remove excess water to prevent flooding or overwatering.

The movable snap tray holds excess water and prevents it from messing up your house for easier cleaning. 

6. Best for Gifting: Vanavazon Self-Watering Plant Pot

These 6-inch self-watering plant pots can store water and feed your plant for a week or more; its absorbent cotton rope absorbs excess water from the plant.

The African violet pots are made using new plastic material that is formaldehyde-free, heat and cold-resistant, and nonpoisonous, which adds to the quality.

Its unique round visual modern design brings a comfortable and beautiful view to your bedroom, living room, desktop, or outdoor. It’s a perfect gift for plant lovers.

There are two colors, white and gray. The double-layer design allows the pot to store excess water at the top of the basin.

Final Thoughts

The review above will help greatly choose the best pitcher plant pot that suits your environment. 

Don’t plant your pitcher in standard mixes like garden soil and cactus soil; only use carnivorous plant soil with low mineral content, and its elements help improve drainage and aeration. 

Remember to repot your plant after one or two years and replace the old soil with a new medium to prevent rotting.

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