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Pitcher plants are different from regular plants in terms of their soil requirements. However, you must use suitable soil for them to survive. Getting the best pitcher plant soil mix is one way to ensure their survival.

Pitcher plants feed on insects, and hence they are carnivorous plants. Since they feed on insects, they get enough nutrients from their prey. These plants only need soil for balance and anchor.

If you are a pitcher grower, you need to get the best soil mixer to ensure proper pitcher plant watering so your plant can grow well. 

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Best Pitcher Plant Soil Mix – 6 Best Picks

1. Best Easy to Wet: Compressed Organic Potting Soil

This soil mix contains all the essential nutrients your pitcher plant needs. It is highly concentrated to feed your plants for a long time.

This soil mix wets fast and stays moist for a long time; hence, it continuously supplies water and nutrients to your plant’s roots.

It is easy to use. Mix it with water to expand, mix it with topdressing soil, and finally pour it directly into a planting pot.

Additionally, the mix is 100% organic containing amino acids, coconut coir, mycorrhizae, and worm castings.

Furthermore, this soil mix expands quickly with water and makes three granules of soil.

2. Best for Quick Drainage: Sphagnum Moss Potting Mix

This soil mix is just perfect for the job of the survival of your carnivorous pitcher plant. This soil comprises perlite and dried sphagnum, which is 100 % natural without additives, allowing free air movement and quick drainage.

This soil mix does not contain any soil and is hand blended and mixed in a ratio of 60:40 with dry sphagnum moss, peat, and perlite.

This quality soil mix wets up very fast. Moisten the mix to loosen, surround the mixture with your pitcher plant roots, and then pot them.

The mix is light hence allowing air to circulate and reach the roots. It also allows for quick drainage.

3. Best to Retain Water: Perfect Plants Carnivorous Plant Soil 

The plant soil is suitable for any carnivorous plant, including pitcher plants, as it allows the roots to penetrate easily since the mix is light.

This soil mix is excellent when it comes to holding water. It absorbs and retains water for a long time, allowing moisture to soak from the bottom.

The packaging of this soil mix is perfect. The resealable and heavy-duty bag keeps the soil fresh and allows easy storage of the remaining soil mix.

This soil mix from perfect plants does not contain unnatural fertilizer that may harm your pitcher plants.

4. Best With Natural Ingredients: Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix

The carnivorous plant soil mix is formulated with perlite and sphagnum peat moss, which offer a suitable medium for planting pitcher plants to grow at their best.

This award-winning soil mix comes in eight quarts of bags, enough for repotting only a few plants. Besides, the mix is hand-blended in the ratio of 50:50 with peat and perlite.

The ingredients used to formulate this soil mix are 100% natural and with no additives that might harm your plants. 

This soil blend is light to allow even air circulation into the roots. Additionally, this soil mix also enables water retention.

5. Best for All Carnivorous Plants: GARDENERA Potting Mix

This plant soil mix offers a suitable medium for growing your pitcher plant. It helps retain water, so your plant can always stay hydrated. Besides, this mix allows for easy air circulation into your plant’s roots.

You can use this soil mix in many ways, such as decorating wreaths in mini gardens, air plant terrariums, terrarium moss crafts, and mini landscaping.

This soil mix is clean as it has no trash, stems, or sticks. It comes in five quartz bags containing 75% of sphagnum moss and 25% of organic perlite.

The moss is feathered and soft, suitable for use in wood or wire baskets. To loosen the soil mix, soak the moss in distilled water rather than tap water. 

6. Best for Aeration: Organic Earth Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix

Organic earth soil mix features balanced ingredients in the ratio of 1:1 of 100% Canadian sphagnum moss and organic perlite.

The Canadian sphagnum moss helps soil moisture levels, while the organic perlite helps air circulation around the plant roots so your plant can have an ideal environment for growth.

The soil mix comes with a step-by-step guide on planting and repotting using the organic peat moss soil.

For your pitcher plants to thrive and grow healthy, use rainwater or distilled water to maintain correct PH levels and proper nutrition.

Final Words

When choosing a soil mix for your pitcher plant, it is good to consider the one that has a balanced PH for a favorable growing environment, has good drainage to retain moisture, and is light for good air circulation around your plant. 

Deciding which soil mix is ideal for the pitcher may take time and effort. However, with the above review, it will be easy to conclude which is best.

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