6 Best Pitcher Plant Seed for Planting in Your Garden

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Sowing pitcher plant seeds is one of the greatest methods for propagating this attractive plant. However, similar to the seeds of other carnivorous plants, they require special quality seeds to grow well. 

If you have a pitcher plant growing in your garden and would like more, consider purchasing pitcher plant seeds for planting listed in this article.

For pitcher plant seeds to germinate, you must offer a humid environment. The experts advocate growing pitcher plants in glass containers with covers to retain moisture. Keep reading to find out some of the best pitcher plant seeds for planting.

Best Pitcher Plant Seed for Planting: Our Top 6 Picks

1. Best for Beginners: MOKALALA Nepenthes Seeds

The 20 individual seeds of a Nepenthes plant are ideal for both amateurs and seasoned gardeners.

Some recommendations for planting: The first step is the germination process, which takes place in a warm and humid environment (a greenhouse). The second step is transplanting the seedlings into sunny, wet, and nutrient-rich soil. The third step is regular watering and fertilizing the plant, if necessary.

It is Made in the USA and makes fantastic gifts for mothers and adults and landscaping gifts for men. Share with your loved ones its joy from its germination to its blossoming and fruiting stages.

The planting seed has a 75-85% germination rate. On very rare occasions, it doesn’t germinate. Always prepare your land properly before planting these seeds.

2. Best Perennial Seeds: Nepenthes Carnivorous Pitcher Plants Seeds

This pitcher plant seeds are easy to grow; provided the land is well prepared with no weeds or pest infestation, all will be well.

They are perennial plant seeds meaning they grow into plants that endure multiple growing seasons. The plant’s upper section typically dies back each winter and regenerates in the spring.

Each bag is packed with about 10 pieces of seeds.

3. Best Quality: Lowland Nepenthes Pitcher Plant Seeds

Prey is drawn by the trap’s flashy colors and nectar, created under its open lid and around its rim.

All-Natural Soil, such as Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil and CZ Grain Soil, is excellent! Includes Growing Instructions.

It is the ideal gift for mum and dad for anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, or any other occasion. Ideal for novices, professionals, and children alike. Observe the enthusiasm in their eyes as they observe trees blossoming.

4. Best Value: QAUZUY GARDEN Purpurea Seeds

It is a unique tropical plant with short, plump, red-veined leaves topped with beak-like crowns and crimson blooms.

If you have the patience to wait for it, it will grow readily from the seed, making it a nice addition to gardens, balconies, and pots.

Since they are native to regions where summer temperatures often exceed 90 °F (32 °C), Sarracenia is well-adapted to the summer heat.

Tannins and other compounds found in pitcher plants are believed to alleviate various diseases. Spread the seeds across two damp paper towels, then put them in a container or plastic bag in the refrigerator. 

Leave them there, untouched for the most part. In four to eight weeks, the seeds should germinate.

5. Best Decorative Plant: KOqwez33 Pitcher Plant Seeds

As a result of its great decorative value, the carnivorous pitcher plant is an ideal plant for beautifying your landscape. These seeds are simple to maintain and have a high germination rate, so you will only devote a little time tending to them if you sow them.

Produced from natural seed material, it is safe and nutritious. It is appropriate for backyards, balconies, gardens, courtyards, parterres, offices, and more. There are one hundred pieces per bag.

Note: The number is about 100 pieces; however, due to hand calculation, it may vary by 1 to 5 pieces. Due to lighting and monitor differences, the item’s color may vary slightly from what is seen on your screen. We appreciate your understanding. 

6. Best Small Sized Pitcher Plant: Cephalotus Folliculari Pitcher Plant Seeds

It is a perfect addition to any terrarium or sunny windowsill because of its diminutive size and ornate pitchers. Evolutionarily, Cephalotus belongs to a distinct family and has no close ties to other carnivorous plant species.

Its distant location makes it ideal for organizations and individuals attempting to acquire representative specimens of various carnivorous plants.

Once you have the seed, you immediately plant it.  Place the seeds on the soil’s surface without burying them. After watering the seeds well, place them in a tight plastic bag and refrigerate them for eight weeks.

After stratification is complete, take the container from the refrigerator and place it in a location with strong, diffuse light but no direct sunlight, such as a greenhouse. Leave the container inside the plastic bag. With any luck, sprouting should occur within several weeks.

Wrap Up

Most cultivators advocate that while planting pitcher plant seeds, they use pure peat moss as a growth medium to ensure that it is sterile and mold-resistant. If available, mix a small amount of silica sand, perlite, and washed river sand to get a good-quality pitcher plant.

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